The Chandler Park Conservancy is a Michigan non-profit 501 (c) 3 corporation, formed in 2014 by the Chandler Park Promise Coalition, a project of the Eastside Community Network.


The mission of the Conservancy is to develop exceptional educational, recreational and conservation opportunities for youth and their families on Detroit’s eastside and the region, at Chandler Park.


The vision of the Conservancy is a revitalized Chandler Park, which is one of only four 200-plus acre “regional parks” in the City of Detroit.  The Conservancy is working to develop a multi-facility “urban conservation campus,” on 100 acres of the park, the only one of its kind in the state of Michigan. The facilities will complement the existing Chandler Park Golf Course and Wayne County Family Aquatic Center.  The campus will include but not limited to:


•    Spectator outdoor and indoor sports venues for all ages and genders,
•    Community gardens & wetlands, 
•    A self-contained stormwater management and irrigation system,
•    A Conner Creek Greenway Loop,
•    A new high performing charter school, and
•    Special installations to convert Chandler Park as a “living lab” for               environmental and ecology-related education for the children of

      the school, and the entire community.


The Conservancy partners with the City of Detroit and Wayne County, serving as an advocate, fundraiser, construction project manager, marketer and program coordinator.  Another key Conservancy partner is Detroit PAL, which coordinates the sports programming that takes place at the park.  The City’s role is to own and insure the property, maintain the park grounds, secure and patrol the park and work closely with Wayne County which owns and maintains the Aquatic Center. The City of Detroit Recreation Department also provides park programming. 


The Chandler Park Conservancy is governed by a 24-member appointed Board of Directors consisting of corporate executives, civic and institutional leaders and local residents.  The Board has appointed active committees comprised of board members and other volunteers:


•    Executive Committee and Finance Committee
•    Fundraising Advisory Committee
•    Program and Outreach Advisory Committee
•    Site/Facilities/Property Management Advisory Committee



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Call Us: 1-313-264-1415   /   Chandler Park Conservancy   /  4401 Conner, Detroit MI 48215 Siute 22