Blue/Green Infrastructure

Chandler Park Conservancy has a Blue/Green Infrastructure plan to address stormwater management in the park. The plan includes infiltrating the first inch of stormwater across the entire 100 acre site. Once fully implemented, this will relieve 445,105 gallons of water from the sewer per storm event, assuming the event is one inch or greater. In addition to bio infiltration best management practices, the master plan includes a marsh with much larger stormwater storage capacity.


The marsh, which will cover approximately two acres of the park, will have capacity to hold 2,126,208 gallons of water. During larger storm events, the topography surrounding the marsh will allow the wet portion to grow to cover 3.6 acres of the park with an additional 353,600 gallons of stormwater storage capacity. This water holding capacity of the park will have impact citywide, as strain on the sewer system is relieved and the costs of treatment at the water treatment plant area voided; while the water/sewage management fees to the Detroit Recreation Department are lowered. The water holding capacity of the entire park totals 2,924,915 gallons per storm event greater than one inch, which is over two million gallons that does not go into DWSD’s water treatment plant during peak flows.


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