Conservation and Ecological Innovation

Central to the vision for Chandler Park are enhancements to the Park's natural amenities and the creation of an ecological “living lab” to complement a learn center and the recreation. To that end, Governor Snyder’s office in 2013 sponsored a “Blue Ribbon Panel” of experts, chaired by Rodney Stokes, to develop a conservation campus plan at Chandler Park. The recommendations of this Panel helped to develop a detailed Master Plan update by Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc. (ECT) and Hamilton Anderson Associates have been incorporated into the redesign of the park and include:


  • A Community Food Garden that highlights a youth oriented entrepreneurial model. Planning is completed and we are seeking funding for implementation;

  • A formal flower/meditation Flower Garden including Green Infrastructure plantings, the first phase of which has been funded by the Matilda Wilson Foundation;

  • A plan for “Blue/Green Infrastructure” focusing on bio­swales, forests, a wetland and rain gardens that will allow Chandler Park to manage all of its storm water onsite; with potential to self irrigate the golf course and grounds;

  • A new charter school as a “purpose ­built” school including alternative energy usage and other “green” design features;

  • Restoring the existing, historic Chandler Park Comfort Station, completed in 2017 and expanding it for use as a as a central “environmental learning center";

  • Converting the existing ring road into a loop of the nearby Conner Green Greenway; and

  • Restoring historic trees and replanting new trees.


The Greening of Detroit has already facilitated the planting of 100 new trees. 


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