Chandler Park Marsh/Wetland Project

The vision for Chandler Park is a combined conservation, education, and recreation campus - the first of its kind in Michigan on a 200-plus acre stormwater demonstration site. Central to this vision are Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) enhancements, expansion of the Park’s natural amenities and the creation of an ecological “living lab.”


In 2013, Governor Rick Snyder’s office sponsored a “Blue Ribbon Panel” of experts to develop a conservation campus plan at Chandler Park. The recommendations of this panel – which has since been followed by a detailed Master Plan update by Environmental Consulting & Technology (ECT) and Hamilton Anderson Associates – have been incorporated into the redesign of the Park. This plan for "Blue/Green Infrastructure" will allow Chandler Park to manage all of its stormwater on-site.


The new wetland marsh will hold 2.5 million gallons of water and have significant impact on the surrounding Chandler Park community and Detroit's eastern region, relieving strain on the sewer system, avoiding the costs of treatment at the water treatment plant, and lowering the water/sewage management fees to the Detroit Recreation Department.


The Chandler Park Storm Water Management Demonstration Project will create a one-of-a-kind, transformational urban environmental center on Detroit’s east side.  This project has the full support of the City of Detroit Parks and Recreation Department. 


This plan includes marshland preservation, planting hundreds of native trees and plants and installing rain gardens and bioswales to mitigate damaging runoff problems. This lessens the load on the sewer system and can prevent the flooding and water issues so many east-siders have experienced in the past while creating a unique and transformative education and recreation environment.


We also will move Chandler Park to the next level, leveraging the marshland environment for recreation and learning.  This will include greenspaces for picnics and exercise, an interpretive observation path and educational offerings for children and adults to learn about conservation, gardening and urban farming. 


Our redesigned park will also act as a test lab for new technologies for environmental care and stewardship.  Visitors to the park will learn about the ecological functions of wetlands and biodiversity while watching animals in their natural habitat. Chandler Park will become a “living lab” for environmental and ecology-related education for the entire community and region.


Wetland marshes will be incorporated to store on-site surface water run-off, reducing the impact on Detroit’s combined sewer system. Native plants will provide protected land for birds, snakes, amphibians, pollinators, dragonflies and other wildlife.  Together, they remove pollutants and contaminants from stormwater.  The educational component will include an observation platform, boardwalk network and overlook benches, shade pavilion, picnic area, educational work stations and informational and educational signage.


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