The Conservancy partners with the City of Detroit and Wayne County, serving as an advocate, fundraiser, construction project manager, marketer, and program coordinator.  The Conservancy works with several partners to coordinate programming that takes place at the park.  We continue to hit our marks moving toward making Chandler Park an exceptional place for families to enjoy the outdoors. Currently, we have three programs directed towards the health and education of our youth.

Detroit Youth Lacrosse

Chandler Park Summer Program for Youth

Chandler Park Rangers Program

We believe that everyone should have access to quality parks with exceptional programming.


Detroit Youth Lacrosse

Detroit Youth Lacrosse is a youth serving organization created by the Chandler Park Conservancy to support the health and well-being of Detroit youth and introduce them to the elite game of lacrosse.


Detroit Youth Lacrosse's mission is to cultivate the resiliency of our children and empower them through mentorship and coaching to pursue academic, athletic, and community-centered excellence while fueling the growth of lacrosse among children of color, their families, and the community at large.

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Chandler Park Summer Program for Youth

Chandler Park Summer Program for Youth (CP-SPY). A six-week summer program (July and August) which introduces 50 youth, ages 6 to 12 to several sports throughout the summer including: tennis, flag football, lacrosse, baseball, softball, archery, soccer, golf, robotics and field trips. Lunch is provided.  Additionally, teaching conflict resolution and team building skills utilizing sports as a catalyst.

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Chandler Park Environmental Education

The Chandler Park Rangers (CPR) program aims to encourage the environmental consciousness of the community by promoting environmental stewardship tactics and educating young people on their environment. CPR program goals are to introduce inner city youth ages 6-18 to environmental stewardship, ecology, and stormwater management at Chandler Park.


Both the 6-week summer camp and the 9-month after school program will use proven curricula and activities that help participants develop skills and a knowledge base of local native and invasive plant species. Using on-site resources—including the newly developed Chandler Park Marshland, participants will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with stormwater management, community development, and relevant environmental stewardship tactics therein.

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