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Over $7.5 million of public and private investment has been made in Chandler Park to date and the result is the transformation of the beloved community asset into a source of pride for families and residents of Detroit’s Eastside.  

Currently CPC is focused on three projects that could use your support, 

Environmental Education Plaza


Community Garden,

Park usage has blossomed since the summer of 2015 with over 6,000 families, children, adults, and seniors participating in some sort of organized activity or simply enjoying the park for walking, bike riding, swimming, relaxing, family reunions and the like each year. 

Environmental Education Plaza 

The Environmental Education Plaza which will be located adjacent
to the newly constructed marshland in Chandler Park will provide an area for school-aged children, community
members, and Detroit residents at-large to learn about green stormwater management, wildlife habitat and
potentially alternative energy sources. CPC is seeking partners to support this project in the amount of $550,000

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Environmental Education Plaza




Design and installation of a 12,000 s/f skatepark. CPC is a recipient of a Tony Hawk Foundation matching challenge grant of $250,000.  CPC is seeking donor(s) to fulfill the match requirement of the remaining $100,000.  The design will be naturally integrated with the surrounding environment and feature a mix of street and transitional-style terrain, with elements designed for all age groups and ability levels.

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Chandler Park Community Garden

This project will help to improve the quality of life for participants by providing an opportunity for residents with different levels of gardening experience to network and share knowledge. To give new gardeners the confidence and skills to start their own gardens. To experience the benefits of fresh out of the garden produce and address food security in the community. The garden will be built in phases, costing between $100,000 and $200,000.

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Community Garden

Other Projects

Phase 2 Athletic Field 

Practice Track


Press Box



Seeking Funding

Grant Hill/FILA
Basketball Courts

 Installation Fall 2021.

Funded by

Grant Hill/FILA Foundation



We Need Your Support Today!

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